How Single Men Can Start Swinging (with us)



As the webmaster of a few websites related to swingers one question I get asked most often is: “How can a man enter the single lifestyle?” To be honest there is no “easy” answer to this question. The truth is that the answer is almost 90% luck. I can let you in on some tips that can help you in your exploration of the swinging lifestyle though.

Before the man alone, try to take a leap in the swinger lifestyle are some things you should keep in mind and consider, many who never imagine most guys. The first thing to understand is that swinging is basically a couples activity. There has always been a debate about whether singles who get in the way of life are actually swingers or are simply lucky. Personally, I think it depends on your perspective. Swinging is about compliance and the exchange of fantasies. If you enter the lifestyle with the idea in mind that you are looking to help others fulfill their fantasies while fulfilling their own, then I think you’re a swinger. However, if you are trying to enter the lifestyle with just the thought of it is an easy way to have sex, not only is that not a swinger but think again.

As you probably already know that it is not easy for one man to enter the lifestyle, however, might not be aware of that simple reason. Back to my earlier statement that swinging is primarily an activity of couples and is about fulfilling fantasies. Yes, there are many couples out there who have fantasies, and involving extra-man or even 4 or 5. However, for every couple out there looking to include men in their playtime, there are at least 10 men looking to fill that spot one. Therefore, as can be seen
You have some competition.

So how do you beat the competition? There are two things you get in the door, the fastest, not all men fit the description. What are they? The first is a big cock. Of course, size is relative, but usually large we are talking about 8 inches or more in length and / or 2 “diameter. The other is if you’re black, basically, a lot of women have a fantasy of doing black man. For some it is the stereotype of the big black dick, for others it is the idea of ​​doing something taboo. Probably there are as many reasons as there are women. Whatever the reason, if you are black or have a big cock his chance of getting into the lifestyle are much better than average.

What if you do not fit into the above categories? All is not lost completely. If you are looking for a decent guy with good hygiene and a good personality your chances are still pretty good. The key is really in your attitude though. If you’re simply looking to get laid to be displayed and lessen your chances. If you are sincerely seeking to fulfill fantasies, both their own and other people and show there for them and for yourself you will do well.

Where to begin? There are two things you can do, the first would be to publish a classified, the second would be to search for ads that are already out there for men and couples looking for you to respond to calls. Looking through ads that are already there, read the ads carefully. Make sure you understand what the couple is looking for and make sure you qualify. If they are not looking for men, do not respond to the ad. If only looking black men who are white, do not assume that you are special and you are welcome just because I love you. If you do not fit what you are looking for does not respond to the ad.

When you respond, not just write an email or letter saying how much I would like to do to the wife. Tell them about yourself, provide a good description of what you are, how you are and where they come from (in regard to lifestyle). If possible, include a g-rated full body or head shot photo. A g-rated photo that includes your face will get you much further than just a photo of his penis. Unless the couple requested a picture of his cock, do not send. Save the explicit photos after speaking with them and asked.

Post your own ad. Along with responding to ads that are already there, you might want to post your own ad. I will say that although the number of men seeking ads already there you probably have more luck than respond to ads on their own, but do not let that stop you from publishing. Do not limit yourself to a site or magazine, post your ad in as many places as possible to ensure it is seen by as many people as possible. Remember, not everyone surfs the same sites or read the same magazines.

By posting your ad, post all information about you as possible. Give a good description of yourself and a clear description of the type of event you are looking for. Are you thinking of getting involved with a long-term partner? Or just one night fantasy fulfillment? They also provide a good idea of ​​its location, I realize if you live in a small town might not want to state the name of their city, but at least the name of the nearest big city. If you are willing to travel, make that clear. If you can organize activities at home, in that State. Be honest in your ad. If you are a married man without his wife swinging be honest about this. However, I must point out that if you are a married man swinging without your wife and you do not have your consent to do so, then you are not swinging, you’re cheating and most swingers will not look kindly on that. Remember balancing relationships are open and honest about not lying and cheating. Do not forget the image. By posting your own ad I realize this might be a bit iffy. Not everyone wants to put your face on the net or in a magazine. My suggestion here is to publish a photo of the entire body with the face blocked if you are worried about discretion. Then once you get an answer you can send your face shot.

So do not lose hope. If you really want to join the swinger lifestyle as possible. It might take a little time, but as long as you keep a positive attitude and keep pluggin away to reach the end.


2 thoughts on “How Single Men Can Start Swinging (with us)

  1. I would like join the swinger lifestyle I have a lot of stuff I want to do but to afraid to show my true color around people that don’t feel the same in being around someone else with the same lifestyle would make more comfortable with the sex changing that I’m having please help me

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